Wednesday, 17 December 2014

What I Wore | 50 Shades of Beige

As regularly mentioned, one of my pet hates is poor quality photos, sighh. But, it is winter and winter does not equate to pretty photos (at least not with my camera). I really must learn to stop starting every blog post with the same complaint though, I am sorry! (But if you guys have any tips, I will love you.)

My boyfriend's very lovely mother donated this scarf to me and, oh gosh, I love it! I can't help but think that it was just made to go with this beige coat; the colours match perfectly. Keeping in line with the beige/neutrals colour scheme (not black/white for once, gasp!),  I teamed these with this Zara playsuit. This is basically like wearing the biggest, loosest, comfiest pyjamas and requires no thinking about what to wear with it, perfect for those nothing-to-wear days! Finally, I added some dark lipstick, burgundy ankle boots (as always) and a super delicate choker necklace to complete the look.

Playsuit - Zara - £30 (ish)
CoatPrimark - £23
Scarf - Mulberry - £?
Ankle boots - H&M - £29.99
Choker - Miss Selfridge - (part of a set)

L a u r e n  x 

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PPS. Have you tried Primark's cosy tights? I'm wearing them here, they are lined with fleece... Oh gosh - to die for!!

Monday, 8 December 2014

What I Wore | Mom Jeans, Stripes and Tartan

When it comes to jeans, I tend to take a if-they-aren't-cutting-off-circulation-to-my-feet-they-aren't-for-me sort of approach. So, finally purchasing a pair of Mom jeans from Asos was kind of a big deal for me (even if they were called 'Slim Mom Jeans').  

I'm still undecided whether I do actually like them and my feelings towards them change daily. Pros so far is not having to do that skinny jean dance when getting dressed and that post-dinner food babies are hidden nicely by the high waist. Definite cons are that I cannot find anything to wear with them (other than this top which does in fact belong to my sister) and also you get kind of a breeze up your ankles when the wind blows.

Feel free to send some Mom jean outfit inspo photos my way, I am a girl in need of some fashion help! 

Jeans - Asos - £32
Top - Zara - £?
Ankle boots - Schuh - £45
Scarf - Primark - £? 
Scrunchie - Stitch By Lou B - £1.50
Belt - Asos - £6
Glitter socks - Topshop - £3.50

L a u r e n  x 

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

What I Wore | Jones + Jones Jessie Dress Black

Beauuuuutiful dress, the poorest quality photos. Story of my life, hey?

Let me begin with THE biggest apology. I seem to have been MIA over five weeks, but I do have some excuses (in case you were interested):

  • Sixth form life is craaazy hectic - "I want to leave sixth form now" is a recurring thought every 5-10 minutes;
  • My store, Pastel Clouds, is also craaazy hectic, thanks to lots of lovely Christmas shoppers (definitely not a complaint, however); 
  •  I have had a cold for the past week and ain't nobody wan' see this snotty face and eye bags; 
  • The lighting is driving me CRAAAZY. As much as I love the dark, cosy winter evenings, it is not appropriate for blogging. See above pictures for example - let's just pretend the grain is meant to be on these photos? 
So as you can see there's a lot of crazy going on (or basically, I am incapable of priorities and life in general).

But anyway, enough of my moaning. 

A few nights ago was my sixth form's Christmas dinner (yes, in November...) and I was lucky enough to be able to wear this STUNNING Jones + Jones dress, which is quite possibly my new favourite item of clothing. The signature Jones + Jones tutu style skirt is my favourite and I just can't help but want to twirl around everywhere (I dreamed of being a ballerina as a child, goal achieved?). The sweetheart/bardot neckline combined with said tutu skirt makes the most beautiful twist on the classic LBD. I couldn't recommend anyone better than Jones + Jones for you lovely ladies looking for Christmas party dresses (or just a cheeky little self-indulgent treat)!

I teamed this with my trusty £9 New Look sale heels which I battled with all evening - dancing in heeels (or walking for that matter), is an art I am yet to master.

Watch out for future posts featuring Jones + Jones dresses - between my sister and I, we are building quiiite a collection...!

Dress c/o Jones + Jones - £
Shoes - New Look (sale) - £9

L a u r e n  x 

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

What I Wore | Grid on grid

This is an impostor, can you tell...?!

A little while ago, one of the shopping centres near me had a student night which meant extra student discounts on almost all of my favourite shops, hallelujaaahhh! Discounts - what better excuse to spend money on things you didn't realise you needed?! 

I picked up this grid print dress from H&M for around £10 with the discount (it's usually only 12.99 anyway), which I completely love - so comfortable and easy to wear! I also picked up this super cosy tartan coat in New Look. With an £11 discount, I definitely had to buy it, regardless of the other five coats of the same style which I already own (I don't have one this colour though, so it doesn't matter, right?)

In other news, I went to Ed Sheeran's concert at the O2 last Sunday (this was what I wore). He was incredible and I love him even more now, I didn't realise it was possible! We were pretty far from the stage, there was a very drunk man singing loudly in front of us and we had to pay £7.50 just for a portion of chips and a drink, but there definitely was no way that anything at all could ruin how completely amazing the concert was. Have any of you been to the X tour? What did you think?

Coat - New Look - £54.99
Dress - H&M - £12.99
Boots - H&M - £29.99
Bag - Ted Baker - £199

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

October Pick | Chi Chi London

This Chi Chi London blog post is long overdue, but in all fairness to y'all I've been pondering a way to express just how completely BEAUTIFUL this dress is. I've always been a sucker for pretty dresses, especially ones with lovely, puffy skirts and this Chi Chi Sheree dress makes me feel like an absolute princess. Stumbling upon their website was like a girly, dress-filled heaven! 

I won't go into too much detail as the photos are pretty self-explanatory. But the detail on this dress is just incredible with embellished sparkles and gorgeous shimmery satin, teamed with the prettiest open back.

This dress is even prettier on and far exceeded all of my (high) expectations! There will be an outfit post very soon featuring this wonderful creation of a dress, hopefully (my hair/face hasn't been quite up to the right standard yet, oooops)! 

Now just to find an occasion to wear such a beauty of a dress...?! 

L a u r e n  x 

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

What I Wore | Monochrome (again) and Closed-Eyed Madness

Would you believe me if I told you these pictures are the best of twenty or so photos?! I'm not even sure what happened, we seemed to have had some sort of eye-closing/nose-flaring/camera-not-focusing problem. It's a choice between photos with sleepy, shut eyes or no photos at all but I am determined to blog (sorry for neglecting you for 2 weeks, little blog!).

I wasn't entirely sure if this outfit was even blog-worthy but hey-ho, enough with the moaning now! At least the background is pretty...?

I neglected this little black skirt for a while, not completely sure on what the right way to wear a skater skirt is. But, determined to break out from my blouse/Joni jean habit, I dug it out and teamed it with (my mum's) black and white striped top. I spent the day stroking the velvet and struggling with the deadly combination of my wobbly ankles and a TWO inch heel... I am a failure of a girl.

Top - Topshop - £?
Skirt - Primark £12
Boots - H&M - £29.99
Ring - Pandora - £40
Jacket - Pull & Bear - £20?

L a u r e n  x

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Friday, 26 September 2014

What I Wore | Houndstooth Cigarette Trousers

"Do that sassy thing with your hair" - Hannah

Looking vaguely uninterested
Clearly wasn't fed up of trying to think of poses or anything (ahem)

Do you see now why I have an issue with boots/ankles, as mentioned in this post? (Gross tiny ankles, gross.) But these berries mean autumn which means nearly winter which means Christmas, YAY

Hannah getting all artistic with the macro details, ooh la la 

He begs to be in all my posts, honestly
These Topshop houndstooth print trousers had been hanging in my cupboard, labels still intact for the last few weeks whilst I tried to pluck up the courage to wear them. For me, they're pretty garish (is that the right word?) - I very much tend to rely on wearing my Joni jeans on rotation! But, after finally forcing myself to wear them  for a day and quite possibly burning the eyes of my fellow sixth-formers with the pattern, I am now completely obsessed with them! Being monochrome I guess they're still pretty 'me'. These are also incredibly comfortable, I think loose fitting trousers are perhaps my new way forward! Watch out Topshop, I'll be coming soon to stock up on lots more cigarette trousers (apologies to my purse).

In the first picture you can see my Zara bag, which featured in my Brighton haul post. Oh gosh, let me tell you WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT that was! I was super excited about buying this but after just one day back at school the zip broke. Three weeks after (the day after these photos were taken) the handle literally FELL OFF. What a waste of £30! Bags and I just do not seem to be compatible. Perhaps a briefcase is the way forward for me...

Jumper - Vero Moda @ Asos - £20
Trousers - Topshop - £42
Bag - Zara - £29.99
Shoes - Bought years ago, New Look maybe? 
Watch - Marc Jacobs

L a u r e n  x

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