Aloha! My name is Lauren and I'm a 17 year old (occasional) blogger and serious over-user of brackets (you will come to notice this when reading my posts - sorry!). I'm an AS level student studying maths, art, economics and history. I live in Essex (I'm not proud to admit that) with my lovely family and a fat cat named Bobby (who you'll probably see in my photos, there's always an appropriate moment for a cute cat photo, right?).

When I'm not wasting my life hunched over a laptop, you'll probably find me working on my jewellery shop, Pastel Clouds (www.pastelclouds.co.uk) which I set up in August 2013. Most of my time goes into this but setting up my shop was one of the best decisions I've made. I also like to bake (occasionally), go shopping (definitely not just occasionally) and spend lots of money which I definitely don't have. 

My favourite things in life are cats, shopping, McDonalds (shameful, I know), Mexican food, Hong Kong, finding a great bargain, my lovely family (obviously), my wonderful friends and boyfriend, taking pretty pictures, Matilda, making lists, cute gift shops (by the beach, preferably) and giving people really good gifts. 

Here on The Fashion Ramblings you'll find all my fashion-related ramblings (funny that). I'd love it if you'd join me on this crazy blogging adventure! 

Lauren x 

PS. Be sure to come and follow me on Bloglovin - let's be friends! 

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