Sunday, 19 October 2014

What I Wore | Grid on grid

This is an impostor, can you tell...?!

A little while ago, one of the shopping centres near me had a student night which meant extra student discounts on almost all of my favourite shops, hallelujaaahhh! Discounts - what better excuse to spend money on things you didn't realise you needed?! 

I picked up this grid print dress from H&M for around £10 with the discount (it's usually only 12.99 anyway), which I completely love - so comfortable and easy to wear! I also picked up this super cosy tartan coat in New Look. With an £11 discount, I definitely had to buy it, regardless of the other five coats of the same style which I already own (I don't have one this colour though, so it doesn't matter, right?)

In other news, I went to Ed Sheeran's concert at the O2 last Sunday (this was what I wore). He was incredible and I love him even more now, I didn't realise it was possible! We were pretty far from the stage, there was a very drunk man singing loudly in front of us and we had to pay £7.50 just for a portion of chips and a drink, but there definitely was no way that anything at all could ruin how completely amazing the concert was. Have any of you been to the X tour? What did you think?

Coat - New Look - £54.99
Dress - H&M - £12.99
Boots - H&M - £29.99
Bag - Ted Baker - £199

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

October Pick | Chi Chi London

This Chi Chi London blog post is long overdue, but in all fairness to y'all I've been pondering a way to express just how completely BEAUTIFUL this dress is. I've always been a sucker for pretty dresses, especially ones with lovely, puffy skirts and this Chi Chi Sheree dress makes me feel like an absolute princess. Stumbling upon their website was like a girly, dress-filled heaven! 

I won't go into too much detail as the photos are pretty self-explanatory. But the detail on this dress is just incredible with embellished sparkles and gorgeous shimmery satin, teamed with the prettiest open back.

This dress is even prettier on and far exceeded all of my (high) expectations! There will be an outfit post very soon featuring this wonderful creation of a dress, hopefully (my hair/face hasn't been quite up to the right standard yet, oooops)! 

Now just to find an occasion to wear such a beauty of a dress...?! 

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

What I Wore | Monochrome (again) and Closed-Eyed Madness

Would you believe me if I told you these pictures are the best of twenty or so photos?! I'm not even sure what happened, we seemed to have had some sort of eye-closing/nose-flaring/camera-not-focusing problem. It's a choice between photos with sleepy, shut eyes or no photos at all but I am determined to blog (sorry for neglecting you for 2 weeks, little blog!).

I wasn't entirely sure if this outfit was even blog-worthy but hey-ho, enough with the moaning now! At least the background is pretty...?

I neglected this little black skirt for a while, not completely sure on what the right way to wear a skater skirt is. But, determined to break out from my blouse/Joni jean habit, I dug it out and teamed it with (my mum's) black and white striped top. I spent the day stroking the velvet and struggling with the deadly combination of my wobbly ankles and a TWO inch heel... I am a failure of a girl.

Top - Topshop - £?
Skirt - Primark £12
Boots - H&M - £29.99
Ring - Pandora - £40
Jacket - Pull & Bear - £20?

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