Thursday, 9 October 2014

What I Wore | Monochrome (again) and Closed-Eyed Madness

Would you believe me if I told you these pictures are the best of twenty or so photos?! I'm not even sure what happened, we seemed to have had some sort of eye-closing/nose-flaring/camera-not-focusing problem. It's a choice between photos with sleepy, shut eyes or no photos at all but I am determined to blog (sorry for neglecting you for 2 weeks, little blog!).

I wasn't entirely sure if this outfit was even blog-worthy but hey-ho, enough with the moaning now! At least the background is pretty...?

I neglected this little black skirt for a while, not completely sure on what the right way to wear a skater skirt is. But, determined to break out from my blouse/Joni jean habit, I dug it out and teamed it with (my mum's) black and white striped top. I spent the day stroking the velvet and struggling with the deadly combination of my wobbly ankles and a TWO inch heel... I am a failure of a girl.

Top - Topshop - £?
Skirt - Primark £12
Boots - H&M - £29.99
Ring - Pandora - £40
Jacket - Pull & Bear - £20?

L a u r e n  x

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