Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Life | 2014 Reflections & 2015 Goals (plus a hearty serving of inspirational quotes)

Of course, I set up The Fashion Ramblings to blog all things fashion and style - clothes are my obsession and I'm preeettty sure that's a habit that won't be going anywhere! But, with the start of the new year, a lifestyle post feels very necessary. After all, my first blog post optimistically states:  "I guess what I hope for this blog is that it becomes a way for me to document my life, almost like an online"  (ha ha ha...)

After reading Rachel of  Style Soup's blog post, I was completely inspired to make this into a 2014 reflections/ 2015 goals blog post. 

 2014 reflections

1. 2014 was definitely a year of memories that can never be forgotten. I attended my Year 11 prom (and nearly cried at being able to wear such an amazing (and expensive) dress), my first ever musical (it's the little things in life!) and visited Disneyland Paris with my best friends. 
2. I was so lucky to be able to share these memories with my wonderful friends, boyfriend and family, all of whom I love huge amounts! 
3. Leaving school (only to join Sixth Form, sigh...) taught me the importance of friendship and, although slightly sad (and harsh), distinguished friends for life from temporary friends 
4. I completed my GCSEs and achieved 11 A*s which I am still suffering shock symptoms from to this day 
5. I was able to grow my store, Pastel Clouds. Proudest moments included being featured in Company magazine (a pretty surreal moment) finally redesigning the website, being featured by Kristina Webb,  and  hitting 2000 sales. It may eat up every last minute of my spare time but I couldn't be prouder! 

2014 made me a very, very happy person and I am super content with my life!

2015 goals 
1. Remember the immense wisdom of Pinterest and in particular 'train your mind to see the good in everything' and 'there is always something to be thankful for'
2. Be nice - both to other people and myself - I once saw a post that challenged people to not say (or think) a single negative thing about someone, firstly for a week, then a month and then a year. I tried it before and managed for a little while but it did make me feel a huge amount happier! I also think these quote are so important: 'be nice to yourself - it's hard to be happy when someone's mean to you all the time' and 'tell people about the good you see in them' 
3. Stop being so afraid of what others think of me - people are just people.  
4. Stop with the procrastination and learn to be motivated. Stop making excuses and just do things.
5. Prioritise - apparently school work is more important than a 6 hour Gossip Girl marathon
6. Get more sleep
7. Stop being such a perfectionist, in every possible sense: blog, artwork, schoolwork, face, clothes, Instagram feed (first world problems)... 
8. Be a little more committed to blogging, but at the same time to not beat myself up for not posting - this is a hobby not a chore
9. Be braver with my clothes choices
10. Don't spend money on myself - until the 21st January (such commitment to this one) 
11. Buy more shoes (a slight contradiction?) 

So there we have it, my new years resolutions and 2014 reflections -  I feel enlightened  following this post (I'm joking).
 I wish all you wonderful people that stop by and read my blog posts and wish you all the happiest and most fun-filled 2015 possible! Please leave a comment down below with your New Year's resolutions, I'd absolutely love to know! 

L a u r e n  x 

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