Monday, 8 December 2014

What I Wore | Mom Jeans, Stripes and Tartan

When it comes to jeans, I tend to take a if-they-aren't-cutting-off-circulation-to-my-feet-they-aren't-for-me sort of approach. So, finally purchasing a pair of Mom jeans from Asos was kind of a big deal for me (even if they were called 'Slim Mom Jeans').  

I'm still undecided whether I do actually like them and my feelings towards them change daily. Pros so far is not having to do that skinny jean dance when getting dressed and that post-dinner food babies are hidden nicely by the high waist. Definite cons are that I cannot find anything to wear with them (other than this top which does in fact belong to my sister) and also you get kind of a breeze up your ankles when the wind blows.

Feel free to send some Mom jean outfit inspo photos my way, I am a girl in need of some fashion help! 

Jeans - Asos - £32
Top - Zara - £?
Ankle boots - Schuh - £45
Scarf - Primark - £? 
Scrunchie - Stitch By Lou B - £1.50
Belt - Asos - £6
Glitter socks - Topshop - £3.50

L a u r e n  x 

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